What is sound healing?

WHat is sound healing?

My experience of 'sound healing' is both powerful and gentle.  Sound healing is not the same as music therapy but I use my love of music to inform my healing. We know that listening to and creating music can affect us in all kinds of ways. At its most positive it can be a fantastic way of feeling lifted out of the mundane and joining with a sense of 'oneness'. It can be a great way to express emotion and let go (as anyone who has walked out of a stressful situation and blasted out a great track in the car or sang their heart out in the shower knows)!

Sound healing is connected to this but has a specific purpose. Healing sound can be used to go much deeper beyond our usual 'everyday' sense of ourselves to undo the knots of pain or discomfort that are wearing us out and help fulfil our deeper desires to be whole and happy. Habits we have formed over a very long time, usually as means of surviving or defending can keep us feeling stuck or frustrated. Sound healing is a way of very gently and safely going beyond those defenses to allow healing to occur, working as a team, client and healer together.

Sound healing uses specific vibrations unique to the needs of the individual wanting healing. The sound healer experiences themselves and the client as vibration. It is the sound healer's job to listen in to where there are imbalances in your vibration . The healer then acts as an 'empty vessel' through which love pours as sound.  The sound 'entrains' (brings into synchrony) the client's vibration to a truer state of balance and wholeness.

An example of entrainment in another situation would be an orchestra tuning their instruments before playing together. The lead violinist in an orchestra plays the note 'A' and all the other musicians 'entrain' their instruments to that 'A'. This can also happen subconsciously (for instance in a choir) when someone sings the part of the person/people next to them instead of their own harmony. Or in life when we subconsciously pick up a 'group story' and believe it is our own...... Sound healing uses entrainment by consciously holding a clear intention for the sound to use, agreed by the client.

Whether you have physical or/and emotional pain/discomfort, trauma, anxiety, exhaustion etc, the method is the same. My understanding is that all pain in whatever form originates in some form of fear/defense we are holding, often subconsciously. We get so used to controlling the show in our old ways that the idea of healing and opening to 'new' ways or states can feel very scary. Many people would rather (unknowingly) keep the pain than face that perceived threat of letting Love or wholeness run things. Growing more and more trust in that process is an intrinsic part of the work (and joy!) of healing.

After establishing your situation and why you have come for healing, the healer works with you to make sure you understand what is going to happen and that you feel comfortable and safe. At any point, the client may indicate they need a breather/need to stop or move around as this is teamwork and should feel empowering (the healing is not 'done to you').

Unworded sound (using voice or/and instruments) is used to take you into a more peaceful state that is always there behind the everyday self. From there deeper work can be done together.

The client's intention is as important as the so-called 'healer', who is, in truth, more of a catalyst or an instrument for love to work through. I always work with my clients to be clear about their intentions and open to what might unfold.

There is usually 'homework' for the client to do after a treatment (even if it's just to practice being kind to themselves in specific ways). So the process is a collaboration. Healing can only happen if we allow it more and more deeply and sometimes this involves challenging old beliefs! My experience is that the healing will manifest in whichever way Love deems most helpful to that person at that time.

Silence is an important part of the healing and is used to allow the vibrations to settle and be absorbed. It is often during these times that the deepest benefits are felt and new awareness unfolds.

Further opinions about sound healing can be found on the College of Sound Healing website.

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