Individual sound healing treatments

If you are new to sound healing, I recommend reading the Sound Healing Page before this one as it will make more sense!

Although I also use the singing bowl, rattle and drum, my treatments mostly use voice-based sound (wordless sounding). This is not 'singing' as such but intuitive sound which forms in response to the client's individual need. The sounds may be very melodious, even musical or far more dissonant, depending on the need. Rhythm, particularly with the deerskin drum can be used to take us deeper or break through resistance. Sometimes voice 'harmonics' (2 notes happening at the same time) come through and people hear all kinds of things in the sound. People also see colours, images, experience being in a different place or with other people or supporters there. Some people simply enjoy relaxing deeply and some sleep!

Before you arrive, I spend time preparing the space and becoming still. When you arrive we will talk about expectations/hopes from the treatment, where you’re at now/what brings you to seek healing, I will endeavour to answer any questions you have about the treatment.

Music, I yield to thee;
As swimmer to the sea
I give my Spirit to the flood of song:
Bear me upon thy breast
In rapture and at rest,
Bathe me in pure delight and make me strong;
From strife and struggle bring release,
And draw the waves of passion into tides of peace.

Music (10) - Henry Van Dyke

Then time to relax on the massage table. I ask that Love guide the sounds for the treatment, that we be joined in a common purpose – your highest good.

Generally treatments involve the client 'receiving' healing sound. However, sometimes, if appropriate, I use a technique involving the client in sounding which can be extremely powerful for shifting deep pain. This usually happens after a few sessions when clients have trust in the healing process and are willing to try a new challenge!

Treatments (including the talking bits before and after) usually last about 90 mins.

If appropriate, we will talk after the healing but sometimes it is better to remain silent and let things settle. I will follow up by email a few days later to see how you are. Generally, 3 sessions a week apart if possible are a good idea unless a one-off treatment is what is required.

Experiences of healing range from a deeper sense of peace and balance to healing of long held trauma and removal of pain. A few days after a treatment, it will become clear what the next step needs to be.

I will often suggest 'homework' for the client to do following a treatment. Taking responsibility for our intention to heal and follow through with that is key. We only need a little willingness to allow love in!

Support is there from the healer during the session and in the week after. I may suggest where further support can be accessed/future possible steps to build on the healing.

If you would like to book a session or are not sure if sound healing is right for you / would like further clarification, please contact me via the form on this site and I will get back to you.

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