“I wholeheartedly recommend a series of treatments with her.”

“Clare works with a depth of compassion that ensures the space is held beautifully ensuring you feel safe and relaxed. Her voice is exquisite and comes through from other realms, healing deeply and touching the core of what is presenting. I wholeheartedly recommend a series of treaments with her.”
Rahima Ferguson
Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher

“A truly nurturing experience.”

“Your sound treatment was deeply healing and a truly nurturing experience. I would recommend it whole-heartedly. I am 95% better with my back, yay! I also had some acupuncture a week after your treatment and the combination has really helped hugely.”
Elizabeth Hornby

“A powerful, deeply healing voice.”

“I found Clare to have a powerful, deeply healing voice. She has a spiritual connection which she uses to the full. Her treatments leave you feeling very relaxed and cleansed. I would definitely recommend her.”
Morag Greer

“I was amazed at the depth of my relaxation”

“I didn't really know what to expect when I first visited Clare for my first session, so I was amazed at the depth of my relaxation. Clare uses her voice in a way I have never experienced before, but the results brought me peace and contentment. She is a true healer.”
Mrs S Ridley

“Thouroughly professional.”

“I had some amazing sessions with Clare and found at the end of each I was so relaxed and felt I had been meditating for an hour. Clare is such a good listener, very confidential and thoroughly professional. Clare's voice and the sounds she made were beautiful and I highly recommend her.”
Maxine Gilchrist

“A most intuitive and powerful healer”

“I have received several Sound Healing sessions with Clare, each one leaving me with a deep sense of peace and relaxation. Clare uses her voice in the most beautiful, unique and extraordinary way, each time lulling me into a complete state of bliss. She is indeed a most intuitive and powerful healer... To be thoroughly recommended!”
Trish Secrett

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