Singing & sound groups

Singing & Sound Groups

I often use sound healing techniques in groups to help put people in touch with their bodies/the vibrations of sound and the effect releasing sound can have. I don't tend to use sheet music, preferring to teach by ear (though I do give out lyrics when necessary). I love to play with harmonies and encourage others to play too. Getting it 'wrong' can lead to much more fun than stressing about getting it 'right'! Listening closely, using silence wisely and not being scared to share our sound are the basic tools.

I have run and can offer:

Singing groups for the terrified

Been told you can't sing? Who told you that load of old bunkum? You've just been taught to restrain your real voice! I work very gently and non-judgementally in a supportive atmosphere, though I will encourage people when I feel they need to and are ready to go beyond their comfort zone.

Unworded intuitive group sound usually used for healing people, places, sending love to situations – very effective, relaxing and uplifting in a group. You will come out feeling much better than you went in! Also effective for helping people realise they have a beautiful voice when no-one is telling them how to use it!

Toning groups

Mantra & Meditation groups

Beautiful. A time to completely relax using simple chant and mantra from different spiritual traditions. Easy to learn through repetition, one finds the mind turning off the chatter and focusing on pure sound/vibration until we rest in silence.

Fun, lead by the people for the people! Choosing music or the type of songs a group/community would like to try means they enjoy it more. I can provide all the songs at first until people find their feet and thereafter am open to ideas. A great way to bring people together.

Community Singing Groups

If you are interested in starting a group or getting me to run a group, please get in touch via the contact page.

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